Cleaning up after Thomas Rentmeister (2013)
Found cardboard shipping box, 'Penaten Creme' tins, flannelette sheet, plate scraper.
Video: 5min 11sec.

I first volunteered at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA) in August 2012 to help with the clean-up after Thomas Rentmeister's exhibition 'Objects Food Rooms'. My main role was scraping Penaten Creme off the fridges used in the large installation work 'Muda'.

More than 12 months later in 2013, when also volunteering to help clean out the PICA packing room, I discovered the box of Penaten Creme tins which had been used in the exhibition and rescued them from being thrown in the skip bin. Subsequently I spent 4 weeks cleaning the residual Penaten Creme out of each of the tins and consolidating it. Arriving at the point of having finally cleaned up after Thomas Rentmeiser.