July 2016
Council House, City of Perth
Lighting Installation & Publication

LIGHTHOUSE 2016 Commission in collaboration with Emma Buswell.

Hillshoist represents the events surrounding american astronaut John Glenn's pass over Perth in 1962 through animated light and colour. This display reimagines the symbolic communication between an individual passing through a foreign territory and a community extending a welcome to his presence.

Hillshoist is the continuation of a site specific collaborative project that began with the exhibition Excessive Lighting at the stalwart CBD-based artist run Free Range Gallery in February 2015. The characteristics of the City of Perth have maintained a central focus within both of our artistic and curatorial practices through which we sustain a creative dialogue with our city and our community. Displaying our work within the architectural canvas of Perth via LIGHTHOUSE 2016, we are able to directly engage with the site of display as a contextual material in our work.

Inspired by the humble means through which an isolated community expressed their encouragement of a similarly isolated individual, Hillshoist is a visual testament to the power of collaborative effort as well as the value of small scale actions and creativity in the strengthening of community ties.

The West Australian

Documentation images by Melissa McGrath
Distribution images by Emma Buswell (@embuzza1)

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